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Seahawks running back Zach Charbonnet cherishes younger sister's sparkle

The Seahawks didn't shine on Thanksgiving night, but the light from Zach Charbonnet's little sister was undeniable.

SEATTLE — In the sea of Seahawks fans on Thanksgiving night, there was one who shined just a little bit brighter.

And on a day when there wasn't much sparkle from Seattle, she's here to show that there can still be light in dark places.

17-year-old Bella Charbonnet was spending the holiday with family.

Ben and Seda Hall, and their kids Bella, Athena and Enzo, are a football family. They were in Seattle to watch the oldest sibling make his first career start.

"Zach Charbonnet," Bella said.

The occasion came with excitement and expectations.

"I'm gonna say the Seahawks better win today," she said.

Zach isn't just used to the pressure, he welcomes it.

With his sister in the seats, he feels at peace.

"She definitely just has a positive impact on people and that's something she's always had growing up her whole life," he said.

Bella was born with a rare genetic condition — Williams Syndrome, which is a developmental disorder, but a personality enhancer.

"I would just put it straight up that she's just a ball of energy. Ball of positive energy," Charbonnet said.

Bella's mannerisms are magnetic.

They were so much so that Zach transferred schools after the 2020 season, going from Michigan to his hometown UCLA to be closer to her.

Credit: KING 5 Sports

"Especially with COVID going around, it was definitely important for me to be around my family in case anything happened," he said, "I just decided going home was the best decision for me to make."

The decision was beneficial for everyone.

Charbonnet scored three touchdowns in his UCLA debut, led the Pac-12 in rushing his senior season, and was the Seahawks second-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Bella has been beaming ever since.

"I know just from hearing from my mom, hearing from my family, she's always going around telling people that her brother's on the Seahawks," Charbonnet said.

Credit: KING 5 Sports

Bella and family are especially proud ahead of Zach's debut with the first team.

"(The) opportunity to watch him walk out there the first play of the game, pretty neat deal right? The expectation is the same thing he's done since seventh-grade football—bring everything he's got every play," Ben said.

And while the result of the game was lousy, the family says there's still a lesson to be learned.

"Even though it comes with a lot of work, but at the end, there's a message from her," Seda said.

"It's the value of every day. No reason to have a bad day," Ben added.

Zach says the light from his little sister should put things in perspective.

"Things aren't always going to go the way you want them to, but as long as you have a positive outlook and you just continue to work hard, that's something I've learned from her and will continue to learn," he said.

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