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Do you have a news tip? Call the KING 5 Newstips line: 206-448-3850

(To help us report your stories more quickly, please include a name and telephone number where you can be reached. We will keep both confidential.)

You can also use the form below to send specific questions or feedback to the people or department you're trying to reach.


The KING 5 Investigators are dedicated to serving the public interest through watchdog journalism. We rely on your tips to shine a light on systemic problems, widespread injustices, corporate malfeasance and government failures across Washington state. Filling out this form is the easiest, most efficient and preferred way for you to submit a tip to the KING 5 Investigators. All tips are confidential, and we are the only ones who read what you submit. If you'd prefer to get in touch with an investigative reporter another way, visit king5.com/tips for a list of options.

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Emcee Requests

Please understand that we receive many requests and are unable to fulfill them all. You improve your chances if you submit your request at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance of your event. Note: We do not provide speakers for events. Requests and further questions may be sent to Director of Community Relations Jay Yovanovich at jyovanovich@king5.com.


Got a comment about our show? Contact us in the form below or email us at eveningtips@king5.com and share your thoughts! Feel free to comment on a story or anything you've seen on our show, but keep in mind your comment needs to be airable on television or any other media or other form of communication! By leaving your voice message, you are consenting to the broadcast of your message on KING TV's Evening or distribution via any other media we may pick. You also agree that KING TV may edit, revise, or otherwise change your message or may put it together with other information, messages or images.


If you have a news tip, or a question or concern about something you saw in a newscast, please use the form below.

If you're experiencing a display problem with the site, help us more quickly diagnose the issue by providing the browser type and version you're using and whether you're using a PC or a Mac.

If you're unable to find a story that was on the news, please try our search box or the relevant section. If you still cannot find it, provide as many details as possible in the form about what you're seeking. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible during regular weekday business hours.

DVD or Tape copies of KING 5 news video

If you'd like a tape or DVD copy of KING 5 newscast video, please contact Universal Information Service at (800) 408-3178. There is a fee for this service. Note also that all of our video posted on KING5.com can be embedded on your site, or linked to using the "share" button on the video player. For further questions, use the form below.

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