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The 3 R’s

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ThereforeGo Ministries seeks to assist churches with their ministry to youth and emerging adults through training, coaching, and peer learning.

Mentoring Networks 

We know that for the church to thrive, faith communities must be built upon strong intergenerational connections. While many emerging adults are looking to be part of mentoring relationships with older individuals, many congregations struggle to develop these connections.  A mentoring network provides churches a place to discern and strategize with the goal of equipping their congregations to build a vibrant intergenerational faith community.

Forever One Curriculum

“The stories in the Bible are not standalone accounts of people, places, and events though; the Bible is one cohesive grand narrative of the Triune God who created all things, loves all things despite brokenness and sin, came down in flesh to redeem all things, and is weaving a master plan to bring all things back to himself. All stories of all people, places, and events in the Bible are part of this grand narrative. At first read, biblical narratives may seem to tell the story of a prophet, or a country, or a miracle but really Bible stories are only a little bit about these things. They are mostly about God.”

The Other Six Curriculum 

“The Gospel is not about you, but you can play a part. Let me share a word with you—egocentric. Egocentrism is the belief that you are the center of all you do, feel and experience. You believe you are right, you know best and life is all about you. That’s being egocentric. Most of us grow up that way – it’s not our fault. As young children, we learn quickly that we need to take care of ourselves. We need to learn, adapt, grow and experience life from our own perspective. Nobody will do everything for us.

The problem (as you can likely see already) is when we remain egocentric as we get older. Perhaps it is still not our fault, as most advertising is also about you. You watch the TV shows you want and you pick the website you want to go to – perhaps it is even YouTube. You create your own social media accounts , and you post pictures and status updates about you. You hope that friends like it so you can grow in popularity. Even some church groups tend to emphasize you, saying you need to be in relationship with Jesus, you need to be saved, you need to follow Jesus, etc. Here’s the surprise: When you crack open the Bible, it’s not about you.”

Beatitudes Retreat Curriculum

A six session curriculum for youth group retreats.

There is a section of scripture in Matthew that has been labeled “the beatitudes.” This section outlines the big picture of qualities and actions that should characterize the way believers live into the story of God. Our English translations of the Bible say that people who live into the beatitudes will be blessed. A better word here might be happy, not in the sense of the feeling of happiness but in the sense of deep fulfillment in having lived transformed lives because of our relationship with God. This does result in blessing, the greatest blessing we can know, but not necessarily the kind of material or physical blessing we might usually think of when we picture what it looks like to be blessed.

The message of the Gospel is two-dimensional. It is the good news that God in his extravagant love has given us an eternal hope through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is also an invitation to live here and now as people who are filled by the Holy Spirit. It is something we believe, and also something we practice. The forgiveness and grace of God saves us, and it also transforms our lives.

Being a follower of Jesus is all about living transformed lives because of our relationship with God, and being further transformed in the process. During each session of this retreat, we will invite you to wonder about one verse from Matthew 5. As you live into these qualities that characterize those who are a part of the story of God by joining where the Holy Spirit is at work in this world, may these words of Jesus challenge you, bring you encouragement, and move you toward a new, deeply fulfilling happiness.

Now What?

Considering Calling, Purpose and Direction

The process of figuring out what you want to do can be confusing. High school and college students face questions about work, education and the future but as we grow older, many of us realize that hearing and responding to God’s call on our lives is a life-long process that doesn’t end at graduation. ThereforeGo has created an online resource for parents and youth leaders as they walk through these questions with youth and emerging adults in their lives.

“It’s important for us, as mentors of teens and young adults, to celebrate who they are and to name out realities that they might not see in themselves.”

Pastor Willemina Zwart

Engaging Youth

“We began this mentoring cohort looking for ways we could engage our youth more effectively.  We were given some helpful steps and have began some conversations in the church about mentoring our youth and building a stronger community for everyone.”

Emmanual Reformed Church, Ontario
Emmanual Reformed Church

Renewed Hope

“I found hope in the “next” generation of young people in our church and community! They were amazing examples of Jesus Christ. This {experience} brought back my confidence in our kid’s salvation.”

, Leader

Refilled & Refreshed

“My participation in the SERVE experience served as a great reminder as to why I got into ministry in the first place. I’m passionate about teaching, serving and building relationships with students. I was able to encounter all 3 without the stresses of the office or head leadership role. I feel refilled, renewed, and refreshed.”

, Leader