Meet the team

The whole team of ThereforeGo Ministries is more than the staff and board members shown here. In fact, at each ThereforeGo SERVE experience there is a congregation and its team of 8-10 volunteers who plan and organize each SERVE. So our team is really hundreds of people praying and planning across Canada and the United States with a passion to serve you as you minister to and with students!

Rick Zomer

Executive Director
616.241.5616 x3043

Amanda Roozeboom

SERVE Director
616.241.5616 x3046

Kalee Beecher

SERVE Coordinator
616-241-5616 x3038

MacKenzie Knoll

Communication and Events Coordinator

Ron deVries

Ministry Ambassador

Board of Directors

Luke VanderLeest, President — Sioux Falls, SD

Dan Hermen, Vice President — Grand Rapids, MI

Don Koops, Treasurer — Osborne, KS

Lauren Abrell, Secretary — Grand Rapids, MI

Amy Van Guilder-Dik — Fort Collins, CO


Julie DeGraaf — Grand Rapids, MI

Andrea Featherstone — Toronto, ON

Deone Quist — Boulder, CO

Josh VanHulzen — Sioux Falls, SD