Compass 21

Benchmarking The Shape And Direction Of Your Youth Ministry

In ministry, one of the most difficult things to do is get everyone on the same page. Example: A project is being considered but there are many questions that have arisen around it. Questions may include things like,

  • How do we start?
  • Do we have all the right pieces/people in place? Have we heard from the right people?
  • Maybe we have the pieces but often we get hung up trying to figure out how they fit together or whether more pieces are needed.
  • How does this plan line up with the collective vision/mission of our church?

 For all these wonderings, communication is vital.

ThereforeGo Ministries has developed and revamped a tool called Compass 21. This tool is used to evaluate and revitalize your student ministry within the context of your whole church. With a trained facilitator, your students, youth leaders, parents and pastors will openly communicate to set intentional direction and goals that fit your unique Youth Ministry context.

We affirm that Scripture teaches us what healthy ministry looks like and from that, we have discovered 7 biblical values that will be explored as your team processes youth ministry first or next steps in your church.

The cost of Compass 21 is $750 plus travel.

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  • Ron deVries, Compass 21 Director and Facilitator
  • Ron Hosmar, Eastern Canada Facilitator

  • Lesli Van Milligen, Greater Toronto Facilitator
  • Rick Zomer, Michigan Facilitator

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